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Inventory Management Software

Streamline Processes and Run Your Business Smoothly

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take inventory counts

Take inventory counts with more accuracy

Speed up and simplify inventory taking

Increase your operational efficiency with digitalized inventory taking. The cloud-based Zip Inventory software syncs all your inventory changes so that you can access the latest information from desktop or Zip Inventory mobile app.

Set variable count frequencies

With Zip Inventory software you can set different count frequencies for items that you take stock of. Configure the frequency count for each item in the store and maintain separate count sheets to prevent any confusion.

Track inventory levels in real-time

View details of menu items sold

Ensure availability of favorite menu items with Menu Mix feature from Zip Inventory software. View the total number and price of each menu items sold, theoretical food cost, profit percentage and more to identify best-selling items

Correct any errors promptly

Stay informed about any incorrect inventory count or other inventory-related issues. Receive immediate alerts on the go with Zip Inventory and take swift action to fix issues and keep your business running.

track inventory
keep food costs

Keep food costs under control

Identify and cut down food waste

Get detailed variance report highlighting the cost of food waste for each ingredient with Zip Inventory software. Compare actual versus theoretical usage and identify opportunities to improve profit margins.

Improve and standardize recipes

Maintain consistent meal prep and ingredient usage with Zip Inventory software. Standardize recipes with instructions and reference videos so the food quality remains the same no matter who prepares it.


ZIP Inventory Mobile App

Stay updated on the go.
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Quick and Easy Inventory Count

Track inventory in real-time with Zip Inventory mobile app using voice search capability. View the total number of each menu items sold, total food cost, profit percentage and ensure enough products are available on hand.

Stay updated on menu item recipes

Find entire recipes for each menu items at your fingertips. Track ingredients and keep management and staff updated on any changes made. Monitor pricing changes in recipe ingredients and manage costs easily.

Access inventory reports anytime

Experience greater flexibility in accessing and sharing inventory reports with anyone you need. Available in CSV and PDF formats, view the reports in your app and send across a wide array of devices.

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