Inventory Management Software

Streamlined inventory management and food cost control.

accurate inventory counts

Become more accurate with your inventory counts

Taking inventory has never been easier

Printed count sheets not only waste paper but are inefficient. With Zip Inventory, once you take an inventory count on the mobile app, the results are automatically synced to the cloud. The inventory management software makes it easy to keep track of all your inventory in one place.

Set variable count frequencies

Zip Inventory allows you to set different count frequencies for items that you take stock of. You can configure the count frequency for each item in the store and keep count sheets separated to prevent any confusion or mistakes.

track inventory levels

Track inventory levels in real-time

View the total number of each menu item sold

Running out of inventory for your most popular item is bad news for business. The Menu Mix offers a quick view of the total number of each menu item sold, the theoretical total food cost, the total price for the items sold, as well as the profit percentage of each menu item. Zip Inventory allows you to filter and sort the menu mix to understand which menu items are your stars so you can always make sure you have enough product on hand.

Rectify errors before they become a problem

You'll instantly know when an incorrect inventory count or other inventory-related issue occurs. Zip Inventory alerts you immediately so you can take swift action to fix the inventory management problem.

control food costs

Keep food costs under control

Identify opportunities to cut food waste

Zip Inventory offers a variance report highlighting the cost of food waste for each ingredient. You'll see the waste in dollar amounts and compare actual vs. theoretical usage. With this insight, you can identify opportunities to improve profit margins.

Improve and standardize recipes with your staff

Consistent meal prep and ingredient usage is hard to enforce without the right tools. With Zip Inventory you can ensure recipe instructions for menu and prep items are followed with instructional videos so no matter who prepares the food, the result will be the same. You'll not only save money from less food waste but have more satisfied customers too.

Mobile Inventory Management Apps - Easy and Free!

Manage your inventory more effectively and improve profit margins with the free mobile inventory ordering app.

easy inventory counts

Make your inventory count as easy as possible

We've sped up the process of counting inventory with our voice search capability. Now a manager can take inventory by saying the name of the item that needed to be counted.

Whether your hands are full or you can't find an item in the application, the voice search feature will save a lot of time.

menu mix recipes

Keep staff up-to-date on recipes

With Zip Inventory, entire recipes for each menu item are in the palm of your hand.

The “Recipes” tab allows you to keep track of ingredients, such that if any changes are made, both your management and staff will be on the same page.

Employees will be able to monitor changes in recipe ingredients, as well as things like pricing from supplies in an effort to more easily manage costs.

mobile inventort reports

Access inventory reports anytime

Inventory usage reports generated within the app are available in two different files formats, CSV and PDF.

This flexibility allows for inventory reports to be shareable on a wide array of devices.

Now you can easily share the inventory data with any member or department in your organization.

Taking inventory has never been easier. Try it free.