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How to Use SKU Numbers - Complete Guide For Business Owners

Many businesses use stock-keeping units, or SKU numbers, to manage their inventory. These unique numeric and alphanumeric codes help make tracking stock easier and more efficient.
how to use sku numbers complete guide for business owners

What is the Universal Product Code? Guide for Beginners

A UPC, or universal product code, is the most common identification system for products. Typically an 8-12 digit number, a UPC is assigned to specific items and is used by retailers around the world.
what is the universal product code guide for beginners

Supply Chain Data Analytics - 3 Strategies for Businesses

Supply chain data analytics is the use of metrics to gain insight into all of the processes associated with the movement of goods and to enhance decision-making skills.
supply chain data analytics 3 strategies for businesses

SKU Proliferation - Definition, Causes, and More

SKU proliferation is the process of adding products to a business's inventory. This practice requires diligent planning to ensure that new items generate revenue and sales.
sku proliferation definition causes and more

How to Perform Inventory Counts - Everything to Know

Inventory count is the practice of quantifying and recording current stock levels. This is a key component of stock control, as it ensures businesses can maintain profitability and save money.
how to perform inventory counts everything to know

7 Product Recommendation Strategies to Boost Sales and Retention

Product recommendation strategies are when retail websites utilize customer data, such as browsing behavior, to populate similar products and services to attract the online shopper's interest.
7 product recommendation strategies to boost sales and retention

RFID Inventory Management - Pros and Cons

RFID refers to radio-frequency identification and businesses have begun integrating this technology into their inventory management processes to improve efficiency
rfid inventory management pros and cons

How to Reduce Inventory Shortage and Promote Turnover in 5 Steps

Businesses can minimize the probability of having inventory shortages while increasing the number of products they sell by following 5 key steps.
how to reduce inventory shortage and promote turnover in 5 steps

How to Manage Supply Chain Disruptions - COVID-19 & Beyond

Understanding supply chain disruptions and implementing effective steps to mitigate them will help businesses ensure their operations run seamlessly and that customer demands are met.
how to manage supply chain disruptions covid 19 beyond

Everything to Know About Developing an Efficient Inventory Process

An inventory process refers to analyzing and managing stock items. Creating an efficient inventory system will enable businesses to protect their bottom line and satisfy customer needs.
everything to know about developing an efficient inventory process