Chloe Henderson

Chloe received a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from Ashford University and is currently a digital content creator for Hubworks. In her free time, she enjoys acting, writing, and spending time with family.

Ultimate Guide to Retail Management- Process, Best Practices, and More

The profitability of a retail business relies heavily on its retail management techniques. Successful supply chain management can promote company productivity and sales.
ultimate guide to retail management process best practices and more

How to Cycle Count Inventory - Increase Accuracy & Cut Costs

Cycle counting, paired with inventory management software, has shown to increase stock accuracy and lower discrepancies by reducing the risk of human error.
how to cycle count inventory increase accuracy cut costs

Guide to Product Portfolio Management For Businesses

A detailed product portfolio allows a business to view their entire product and service network and visualize their market growth, share, and penetration abilities.
guide to product portfolio management for businesses

Complete Guide to Omnichannel Strategy in Retail

The omnichannel strategy involves a retailer's marketing and sales techniques used to provide a seamless transition between sales platforms, enhancing the customer experience.
complete guide to omnichannel strategy in retail

Accurate Inventory Tracking Methods & Tips For Any Business

Effective inventory tracking can promote a business's scalability by decreasing stock loss, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing company profits.
accurate inventory tracking methods tips for any business

What is a Buyer Persona? How to Use and Create Personas

A buyer persona outlines a company's typical customer by gathering common characteristics, buying patterns, and goals, allowing businesses to tailor their services to consumers.
what is a buyer persona how to use and create personas

Social Media Shopping How It Works & 5 Trends

Social media shopping has opened up a new source of income for omnichannel and online retailers seeking to extend their customer reach, market, and profitability.
social media shopping how it works 5 trends

Product Positioning Definition, Process, and Examples

Product positioning enables organizations to gauge their target market and gain insight into how consumers view brands and differentiate products.
product positioning definition process and examples

How to Increase Profit Margins - 9 Strategies

An organization's profit margin directly reflects its ability to generate revenue, minimize operational costs, and manage the balance between supply and demand.
how to increase profit margins 9 strategies

E-commerce Inventory Management Terms and Methods for Retailers

E-commerce inventory management controls the flow of products between various locations, from warehouses to distribution centers, to ensure stock levels are balanced.
e commerce inventory management terms and methods for retailers