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what is a good inventory ratio

What is a Good Inventory Ratio?

Maintaining an appropriate level of inventory cannot be neglected, which is why you need to have a complete understanding of your restaurant inventory turnover rate. We'll break that down here.
restaurant inventory management tips to increase profits

Restaurant Inventory Management Tips to Increase Profits

You can minimize your food waste and save money by managing your food inventory successfully, which will prove to be more practical and rewarding. Here are some of the ways to do that.
the importance of inventory management for small businesses

The Importance of Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Here is an overview of the basic management techniques that will effectively make the best use of your in-house and replenished inventory. We will also take a look at what you should look for in inventory management software.
why inventory tracking is critical to small business

Why Inventory Tracking is Critical to Small Business

A small business, like a bakery or a coffee shop, typically does not have an expendable budget like that of larger corporations and franchises. Here is how inventory tracking can help your small business succeed and avoid wasted costs.
why you absolutely need to know your business inventory turnover ratio

Why You Absolutely Need to Know Your Business Inventory Turnover Ratio

A commonality for many businesses in the food industry is failing to implement a surefire inventory management system. Because inventory details directly relate to profit, it is absolutely vital that you know your business inventory turnover ratio.
inventory turnover ratio what it means to your business

Inventory Turnover Ratio & What it Means to Your Business

Inventory management is crucial to running any business but it's even more important when running a restaurant, as the inventory turnover ratio indicates important stats in a specified time period. Let's delve into how to determine that ratio.
how to figure out your inventory par levels

How to Figure Out Your Inventory Par Levels

Your food costs and restaurant's inventory Par Levels are directly dependent on each other. Monitoring your inventory and its Par Levels is the key to a successful and profitable restaurant. Here is how you can determine and track them.
5 features of the best inventory management software

5 Features of the Best Inventory Management Software

In order to find the best available software, you need to know which features to look for when shopping around. Here are the key features that will greatly help every restaurant improve inventory management processes.
calculating inventory turnover ratio for your restaurant

Calculating Inventory Turnover Ratio for Your Restaurant

There are a few methods that can be utilized to calculate inventory turnover ratio, which can involve different variables. This article will teach how inventory turnover ratio can be calculated by using the cost of goods sold and average inventory.