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Zip Inventory Pricing

For a reasonable cost, you can streamline your inventory count process and boost profit margins.


$125 per location monthly

  •   Budgeting Tools
  •   Inventory Count Sheets
  •   Food Cost Projections
  •   Free Mobile Inventory App
  •   Inventory Reports
  •   Low Inventory Alerts
  •   Menu Inventory Management
  •   Real-time Dashboard
  •   System Suggested Ordering
  •   Waste and Theft Tracking
  •   Actual Food Cost
  •   Transfers
  •   Theoretical Food Cost
  •   Free support included

Manage your inventory on devices you already love

Zip Inventory works on your iPad or Android tablets and mobile devices.

Conduct inventory counts on your Android device

Conduct inventory counts on your iPad or iPhone

Taking inventory has never been easier. Try it free.