Improve your operations.

Available for enterprise clients with 5 or more locations!

Why choose an Enterprise Inventory App?

Easily manage your inventory

The intuitive Zip Inventory web and mobile applications streamline your inventory operations so that you can quickly take inventory counts.

Reduce your food costs

The variance and cost of goods sold reports increase your visibility so you can make more informed business decisions.

Simplify your ordering

With real-time data and suggested ordering, you can maintain the optimal inventory levels to meet your forecasted sales.

Save money and control food cost variance

Zip Inventory compares your actual and theoretical usage so that you can eliminate over portioning and trim food costs. You can utilize Zip Inventory’s Variance Report to drill down, identify problem areas, and take action.

Upgrade your restaurant’s performance.

With Zip Inventory, you can automate your inventory and ordering processes. Storage locations and items are set up so that they reflect the layout of your store, which makes counting inventory easier than ever. You never need to worry about having enough inventory to meet demand. Real-time alerts and suggested ordering ensure that you will always have enough inventory on hand.

Increase menu profitability

Zip Inventory provides you with key menu insight so that you have visibility on which items are most popular, and which of them have a recipe built for success. You can analyze recipe data for prep and menu items and engineer pricing that ensures profitability.