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Significantly reduce your food costs

Controlling food costs is critical to a business’s success. With Zip Inventory’s Variance and Cost of Goods Sold reports, users can track how their food costs are changing over time and drill down to discover where their money is being lost. Issues like waste, over-portioning, and even theft can all drive up your food costs, but with Zip Inventory, these issues can be easily identified and prevented.

Simplify inventory management

Zip Inventory makes inventory counts easy and mobile. With shelf-to-sheet counts, waste tracking, transfers, and a simple user interface, managing inventory becomes easier than ever. Zip Inventory can cut the time it takes to do inventory counts in half, and with an easy-to-use mobile app, lost or illegible spreadsheets are no longer an issue.

Streamline your ordering

Zip Inventory uses your sales data, ingredient usage, on hand inventory levels, and supplier delivery schedules to take the guesswork out of ordering. With suggested ordering you’ll be able to maintain optimal inventory levels and eliminate issues like waste due to over-ordering. When receiving orders, received quantities can be adjusted to ensure that your on hand quantities are always accurate.

Access reports in real-time

With Zip Inventory’s mobile app, key insight on your variance and cost of goods sold is available at any time. You can see your variance immediately after an inventory count is taken so that managers can make informed decisions immediately. Reporting metrics are rich in information but easy to understand, eliminating the need to spend unnecessary time looking through data.

Easily manage and engineer recipes for profitability

Zip Inventory provides you with a complete recipe breakdown of every item on your menu in real-time. You’ll have visibility on which of your menu items are most popular, and which of them utilize a recipe built to increase profits. A menu built for success can increase sales, improve the guest experience, and control food costs. With Zip Inventory, you’ll have information on both expensive and low-cost ingredients so that you can engineer your menu for maximum profits.

Track and reduce waste

Waste can make up a significant portion of your food costs and leaving it unmonitored can have disastrous consequences. With Zip Inventory, you can track waste events, leave comments, hold employees accountable, and even attach images to provide more insight on what caused the waste to occur. Waste is also displayed in the Variance Report, resulting in a more informative and accurate variance. With these tools at your disposal, waste becomes preventable.

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